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One of the best commons I've ever caught

It's a bit of a bold statement that title, I won't lie but  after joining a small club in the south east with a few waters to choose from I decided to stay away from the more popular busy waters and focus my time on one of the quiet little lakes. The club has one of them non disclosure thingy's on it so we shall call it The Wood . It's only 1.5 acres in size, tree lined all the way around, ten feet in depth and full of lily pads and snags. Its one of them places that because it's a little bit tricky it gets forgotten about and nature is starting to take it back. So apart from some fencing to stop non members getting in the place it looks wild! There are however a couple of old locals that fish the place religiously and on a number of occasions i tried to get a bit of info on the place but they weren't so willing to share. All i ever got from them was " you're wasting your time down here mate, there's nothing worth catching in here" Turns out

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