Testing testing 123... Is this thing on?

So! I've decided to create a blog of my angling adventures. 

I'm a keen angler/photographer (amateur at best) and for years I've been sharing my images on social media but with very little gratification from it. You know what it's like, scrolling through social media you come across an awesome image, start to read the text and hit that SEE MORE button only to be faced with five paragraphs of the written word! I'm terrible for this myself, you start to read but by the third line you've hit that like button and scrolled on past. 

I wanted something where I can share my images but at the same time tell a little story, give the images some context and bring them to life! So with that in mind I'm creating this blog. 

This blog is going to be about my angling and photography. From weekend adventures to a couple of hours after work trying to stalk one out the edge. Majority of my fishing revolves around carp fishing but! I am a multi species angler so I will be doing a bit of everything. Fly fishing for trout, lure fishing for pike, drop shotting for perch, float fishing for roach, method feeding for tench and dare I say it.... I might even target bream. 

Not to sure about the bream... Guess we will have to wait and see.


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